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Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any Penrith Panthers 2021 membership product(s), the primary account holder and dependants, automatically agree to the below 2021 Terms & Conditions;

Upon deciding whether to purchasing any 2021 full or part season membership, it is the primary account holder’s responsibility to ensure they have read and understand the below terms and conditions.

Membership Packages
Penrith Panthers 2021 COVID-19 Action Plan

In purchasing a Penrith Panthers 2021 membership, members accept that the entitlements of the membership product they have purchased may change at any time as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The delivery of Penrith Panthers membership entitlements in 2021 are subject to directives from the NRL, Federal and State Governments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Should those directives cause disruption to the 2021 NRL season, including but not limited to;

  • The 2021 NRL season is abandoned
  • Home game(s) are played behind closed doors, resulting in no member access
  • Home game(s) are relocated, with or without member access
  • Reduced stadium capacity results in reduced member access
  • Reduced stadium capacity results in forced seating changes

Penrith Panthers reserves all rights to implement the following as compensation:

  • Primary account holders will be credited the undelivered value of their membership or memberships as a credit for the purchase of Penrith Panthers 2022 membership product(s)
  • Panthers retains all rights to determine the undelivered value amount, which will be calculated in consideration of factors including the opportunity to attend games (notwithstanding whether those games were attended), the cost of membership pack/s and the nominal value of any membership benefits which were obtained
  • Members who do not wish to receive a membership credit for 2022 will be given the option to transfer their credit amount into ‘Panther Points’, which can be used for food and beverage purchases at all Panthers Group venues, or for merchandise purchases at the Panther Shop
  • ‘Panther Points’ will be assigned to the primary account holder’s club members card at their preferred Panthers Group venue
  • It is the responsibility of the primary account holder to register as a Panthers Group club member, by showing their 2021 Football Membership card or confirmation email at their preferred Panthers Group venue
  • It will take at least 24 hours after a request is made for a primary account holder’s credit amount to become active on their corresponding Panthers Group club members card.

Penrith Panthers reserves the right to implement and enforce any measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including requiring attendees to wear facemasks at Panthers NRL games and the implementation of social distancing measures which may affect member seating.

It is the responsibility of primary account holders to keep their contact details up-to-date, to remain informed through the club’s official email communication and to communicate all measures and changes to the other members on their account.

Full Season Memberships

A VIP Membership allows the member, the choice of seating at all BlueBet Stadium home games in the 2021 season (pending availability).

The following categories are classified as full season, reserved memberships;

Diamond, Platinum, Gold +, Gold, Silver, Den

Full season reserved memberships, include access to games in their selected categories, at BlueBet Stadium throughout the 2021 NRL Season.

The above categories are entitled to seating of their choice based of availability. All seating request must be submitted to the Club by 25th November 2020.

Any seating changes must be submitted to the Club in writing, either via email or entered on their 2021 membership form.

Seating requests and changes will be reviewed by the club. Penrith Panthers does not guarantee any specific seating request and will attempt to fulfil to the best available. Any changes will be confirmed by the Primary account holder via phone or email before changes are completed. 

Penrith Panthers reserves the rights to move any members, up to four (4) seats, in order to fill seating bays to the fullest potential. Any members moved further than four seats will be notified, before the changes are completed.

Full season, unreserved membership

Bronze memberships include access to games on the North or South Hills with the option of limited seated bays, at BlueBet Stadium throughout the 2021 NRL Premiership Season.

Bronze seating bays are a first in best dress on games day, no seats in these areas can be reserved or held for a member.

Part Season Memberships
The following categories are classified as part season memberships;

6 Game Flexi, Proud Panther, QLD Proud Panther, Bathurst Proud Panther

Part season members have limited access to games based off each membership.

6 Game Flexi; six (6) GA tickets at BlueBet Stadium, to use however they wish, throughout the 2021 season.

Proud Panther; one (1) GA ticket at BlueBet Stadium, to any home game throughout the NRL 2021 Season. 

QLD Proud Panther; one (1) away game ticket to any Queensland game, pending 2021 draw. (Members will be contacted via phone or email to confirm which game they wish to attend, when the 2021 draw is released.).

Bathurst Proud Panther; one (1) GA ticket to Panthers Bathurst game, held at Carrington Park, Bathurst in 2021.

All 2021 memberships do not include access to the 2021 NRL Finals Series and State of Origin.

Membership Classification
It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that they are eligible for their membership price type at the time of renewing or purchasing each season. Any member found to be ineligible in their current membership, may have their membership price type changed and the difference in price charged to their account.


Adult; member between the ages of seventeen (17) and sixty (60).

Concession; member who hold a Pensioner Card, or who is above the age of sixty (60). As well as any full time University Student, with a valid 2021 university student card.

All concession members must carry a form of ID along with their Pensioner or Student ID card, when attending Penrith Panthers home games.

Junior; member between the ages of five (5) and thirteen (13) are eligible for a Junior membership.

Any child under the age of five (5) are eligible to enter Penrith Panthers Home games for free, if they do not require a seat, the child must be seated on the lap of an accompanying adult and not occupy a seat. If Covid restrictions are in place, any child under the age of one (1) are eligible to enter Penrith Panthers Home games without a ticket. Any child above the age of 1 is required to have a ticket.

Teen; member between the ages of thirteen (13) and seventeen (17) are eligible for a Teen Membership.

Family Membership; ticketed memberships for family packages include two (2) adults and two (2) children*, or one (1) adult and three (3) children*.

*Children can be made up of teens and juniors.

Companion Cards

The Club recognises the NSW Companion Card program. Companion Card holders are eligible for complimentary entry to the BlueBet Stadium home games, however are ineligible for member benefits unless they are a paying member.

Membership Purchase
2021 Memberships are required to be obtained via one of the following methods;

  • Online
  • By phone; 1300 PANTHERS Inside the Panthers Merchandise Shop, located inside Penrith Panthers Leagues Club, by filling out the official 2021 Membership form
  • At any Penrith Panthers home games or member events

Payment Method

Penrith Panthers requires all Memberships to be purchased by debit or credit card.

Members purchasing in the Panther Shop will be required to submit their card details via our official 2021 membership form, in order for card details to be attached to the Primary Members account.

Membership fees can be paid via two methods; Upfront payment or via six monthly instalments.

Upfront payment

The Primary member agrees to pay their 2021 membership fees in one full transaction.


The Primary Member agrees to pay off their 2021 Membership fees via monthly instalments.

This payment system requires a 20% upfront deposit on date of purchase, to activate monthly instalments.

If a member defaults the Club will contact the Primary member via phone and email.

Penrith Panthers reserves the right to cancel any Membership if three consecutive payments fail to process.

Members with outstanding debit from the previous season will not be eligible to renew their membership, until all outstanding membership fees are paid.

Key Dates
Thursday 22 October 2020 2020 membership on sale
Wednesday 25 November 2020 Same seat renewal deadline
Wednesday 25 November 2020 Christmas delivery cut off
Tuesday 1 December 2020  Member packs delivery begins
Thursday 14 January 2021 Early bird pricing ends
Instalment number Date Amount
1 Date of purchase 20%
2 Thursday 25 February 2021 20%
3 Thursday 25 March 2021 20%
4 Thursday 29 April 2021 20%
5 Thursday 27 May 2021 20%

If your membership is processed on the payment plan after the second instalment date, you will pay a one-off payment calculated to the number of instalments missed.

2020 Members
Pledge Members

Thank you to all our members who pledged. Your contribution to the club is greatly appreciated by everyone at the club.

Pledged Members have agreed to donate their full 2020 membership payment. Members who pledged their 2020 membership are not entitled to a credit for the 2021 season. Members who have pledged cannot revoke their pledge.

Any member who pledged and has outstanding payments will need to pay their outstanding amount before renewing for the 2021 season.

2020 Credit

Members who did not pledge have been credited for the 2021 season based on the amount of undelivered value in 2020.

All members credit is located on their 2021 membership account, and will be automatically applied when they purchase their 2021 membership.

Members paying via instalments will have this credit applied to their instalments. This will reduce their payments due but will not pay off single/multiple instalments.

Remaining 2021 credits can be transferred to Panther Points, upon requests. These requests must be submitted in writing to

Automatic Renewals
The club will give you at least 14 days’ notice in writing or by email of changes to the amount of the following seasons membership(s) fees and to the terms of the Auto-Renewal agreement.

It will be deemed that you have agreed to have your membership automatically renewed if you do not notify the club in writing that you wish to opt out by Wednesday 28 October 2020. You can opt out by emailing or by logging into your Panthers Membership Account and selecting the ‘opt-out’ button. Opt-out requests cannot be taken over the phone.

The monthly instalments will be deducted in six (6) monthly instalments via a nominated VISA, Mastercard or American Express card.

Your membership cannot be cancelled after it has been processed, unless you provide sufficient evidence in writing to the club by Monday 4 January 2021, that you did not receive the opt out option and membership fees for the following season, in which case, a full refund will be given.

If you have purchased a part season membership, you will be placed on the Auto-Renewal program for the equivalent membership for the following season. If there is no such membership available in the following season, you will have first priority to upgrade to a full season ticketed membership dependent on availability.

Financial Responsibility
As the primary account holder, when you purchase a membership, you are agreeing the following financial responsibility:

  • Account details you have provided are correct
  • Notify the club immediately should the card number or expiry date change within the term of the payment plan
  • Sufficient funds are available on your nominated credit or debit card on the scheduled payment date

Member Code of Conduct
Penrith Panthers encourages all members & supporters to take part and express their passion for the Penrith Panthers at BlueBet Stadium, in a family friendly, safe, secure environment.

When entering BlueBet Stadium all members and supporters will;

  • Conduct themselves in an appropriate manner
  • Respect all parties in the stadium regardless of age, gender, race, religion, team, ethnic origin and beliefs
  • Vocally support the team in an appropriate manner, whilst always being mindful of those around them
  • Inform BlueBet Stadium staff of any members/supporters who they believe are acting inappropriately
  • Comply with all conditions of entry to BlueBet Stadium

Finals Series
The Finals series are administered by the NRL. In the event the club qualifies for the Finals Series, members will be granted priority access to purchase ticket/s prior to going on sale to the general public. Members shall be advised via email when tickets will be available for purchase.

The club does not guarantee that you will have access to the same seat/s you held during the regular season should the game be held at BlueBet Stadium.

Privacy Policy
The club respects the privacy of the individual on whom the club collects, uses and discloses personal information. The personal information that the club collects on the membership form is used for the purpose of processing your membership and providing you with football related information and offers from the club, club partners, market research and the NRL. If you do not wish to partake in market research or receive special offers from the NRL or the club’s partners, please tick the appropriate box on the form or contact the Membership Team at

The Club adheres to the Panthers Group Privacy Policy. A copy of the full privacy policy can be found at

The club’s method of communication to members will be through weekly email newsletters. This includes up-to-date news, event, gameday and NRL Finals information. Please ensure your contact details are kept updated at all times in order to receive regular communications from the club. Penrith Panthers does not take responsibility for incorrect or out of date contact details. It is the primary members responsibility to ensure all contact details are up to date.

Further Information
If you require further information in relation to these terms and conditions, please contact Penrith Panthers Membership on 1300 PANTHERS or email