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BlueBet Stadium Information


We hope you enjoy your visit to Bluebet Stadium – Home to the Penrith Panthers. For the safety and comfort of all spectators and visitors, please take note of the conditions of entry to the venue and important information’s available.

Venue Access, Transport and Parking

A bus stop and taxi rank are located at the front of the Panthers World of Entertainment, opposite the stadium, on Mulgoa Rd. The nearest railway station is Penrith, approximately a 10-minute walk from the stadium.

Free but limited parking is available within the grounds of the Panthers World of Entertainment, opposite the stadium on Mulgoa Rd. The carpark located in the front of the western side of the stadium is reserved purely as disabled, operating on a first in first served basis; to gain access a disabled sticker must be displayed.

Further public parking is available in areas surrounding BlueBet Stadium.

  • Penrith Cricket Club
  • Penrith Paceway
  • Panthers Leagues Club

Entry points as noted are as follows:

  • Media access – through Western Gate
  • Allam Homes Chairman’s Club – through West Gate
  • Royce Simmons VIP Lounge – through North or South Gate
  • Corporate Boxes – through North or South Gate
  • Eastern Grandstand or Terrace – through North or South Gate
  • Western Grandstand or Terrace – through West or South Gate
  • Disabled access – through all gates
  • General Seating access - through all gates

Patrons should be aware that all tickets will be scanned through the turnstiles or hand scanners.

Panthers and its contractors reserve the right to inspect all bags, packages and other items.

Panthers and its contractors reserve the right to undertake personal checks such as wanding.

PASS OUT policy will apply once inside the venue. This means approaching a ticketing event staff personnel at the entry gate with a hand scanner to scan you ticket as a PASS OUT which will permit re-entry through in entry point of the venue, ticket must be reproduced for re-entry so do not lose your ticket whilst outside the venue.

Box Office and Payment Options

There is a mixture of general entry and reserved seating available at BlueBet Stadium. General admission disabled seating is available throughout the ground, including carers seats, operating on a first in – first served basis. Both reserved and general entry tickets are available for purchase through, from a mobile device, through the Panthers website, from Panthers Leagues Club reception, stadium gate outlets, or through any Ticketek agency. Tickets are available as home print ticket, e-tickets at time of purchase or as venue collection.

General entry ticket upgrades are available inside the ground at all gates. EFTPOS and credit cards facilities are available at each gate entry and merchandise outlet. A no cash out policy does apply.

ATMs are available on the West & South sides of the Stadium located near the canteens.

There will be no refund or exchange on any purchased tickets due to change of mind including upgrades unless required by law. Upgrades to ticketing is available throughout the stadium at an additional cost, available from ticket windows. The right is reserved to charge a fee for the replacement of tickets in reserved areas and may refuse to replace tickets where seating is not allocated (general admission).

Persons under 16 years of age will not be permitted entry unless under the direct supervision of an adult 18 years or over. Although babies and juniors under the age of 5 are admitted free into the ground, if sitting in a reserved seat area, they must sit on the knee of a paying adult/ guardian, otherwise a reserved seat ticket must be purchased. Children should be supervised at all times.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage facilities are available throughout the public areas of Bluebet Stadium, with a variety of catered products on offer.

Patrons are allowed to bring pre-packaged food such as sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, cakes, crisps, provided they are for individual consumption and are packaged appropriately. Unopened non-alcoholic beverages such as milk, juice, water, soft drink and alike at or less than 600ml (not packaged in glass or cans) for individual consumption are permitted. Tea, coffee and soups in thermoses are acceptable (though will be checked).

Patrons are not permitted to bring food or beverage products packaged or purchased at commercial outlets outside the stadiums licensed area (ie fast foods such as McDonalds or KFC). This does not apply to patrons with special dietary requirement and is at the discretion of venue staff. This does not include take away tea, coffee or hot drinks under 600ml      

Small eskies bags will be permitted inside the stadium but will be subject to search and must be able to fit under a seat if in a seating area.

Under the liquor license assigned to Bluebet Stadium, alcohol consumption is restricted to the boundary fences of the property, within appropriately signed areas. Alcoholic beverages cannot be taken into or from Bluebet Stadium. Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed within the designated alcohol-free zones, North Eastern Side of Family Hill. Anyone found supplying or buying alcohol for a minor or an intoxicated patron will be evicted from the event & may face criminal charges. Any minor found consuming alcohol will face similar action.

Refusal of Entry and General Conditions

In this section: "authorised person" means a licensee, an employee or agent of a licensee or a police officer. "employee" includes, in the case of a registered club, a person engaged under a contract for services. "vicinity" of licensed premises means any place less than 50 metres from any point on the boundary of the premises.

The following conditions apply to all patrons gaining access to Bluebet Stadium Penrith.

Authorised management may refuse to admit to, or may turn out of, licensed premises any person:

  • who is at the time intoxicated, violent, quarrelsome or disorderly, or
  • whose presence on the licensed premises renders the licensee liable to a penalty under this Act, or
  • who smokes, within the meaning of the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000, while on any part of the licensed premises that is a smoke-free area within the meaning of that Act, or
  • who uses, or has in his or her possession, while on the premises any substance that the authorised person suspects of being a prohibited plant or a prohibited drug, or
  • whom the authorised person, under the conditions of the licence or according to a term (of the kind referred to in section 134 or 136D) of a liquor accord, is authorised or required to refuse access to the licensed premises.
  • any patron attempting to bring restricted or prohibited items into the venue.
  • any patron not in possession of a valid - whole ticket, pass or approved means of entry. Passes must be validated and used only once per event or face confiscation.

If, under subsection (2), a person has been refused admission to, or has been turned out of, license premises, an authorised person may, at any time, refuse to admit that person to the licensed premises or may turn the person out of the licensed premises.

If a person in respect of whom an authorised person is, under subsection (2) or (3), entitled to refuse admission to the licensed premises is on the premises, the person must, on being required so to do by an authorised person, leave the premises. Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units.

For the purposes of this section, such reasonable degree of force as may be necessary may be used to turn a person out of licensed premises.

A person who has been refused admission to, or turned out of, licensed premises in accordance with this section must not re-enter or attempt to re-enter the premises within 24 hours of being refused admission or being turned out. Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units.

After the 24-hour period ends in relation to any such person, an authorised person is not prevented from exercising the powers under subsection (3) in relation to the person.

A person who has been refused admission to, or turned out of, licensed premises in accordance with this section must not, without reasonable excuse:

  • emain in the vicinity of the premises, or
  • re-enter the vicinity of the premises within 6 hours of being refused admission or being turned out.
  • maximum penalty: 50 penalty units.
  • without limiting subsection (8), a person has a reasonable excuse for remaining in, or re-entering, the vicinity of the licensed premises if:
  • the person reasonably fears for his or her safety if he or she does not remain in, or re-enter, the vicinity of the premises, or
  • the person needs to remain in, or re-enter, the vicinity of the premises in order to obtain transport, or
  • the person resides in the vicinity of the premises.

In the prosecution for an offence under subsection (8), the burden of proving that a person had a reasonable excuse for remaining in, or re-entering, the vicinity of the licensed premises concerned is on the person charged.

The functions that may be exercised under this section by an authorised person who is a licensee or employee or agent of a licensee may only be exercised in relation to the licensed premises to which the licensee's licence relates.

A reference in this section to turning a person out of licensed premises includes a reference to causing the person to be turned out.

Nothing in this or any other section of this Act operates to limit any other right a person has to refuse to admit a person to, or to turn a person out of, licensed premises.

The gameday office is located within the western precinct, located near the western ticket gate. Enquiries regarding lost property, lost children or game day facilities should be directed to staff in this office.

It is a condition of entry of Bluebet Stadium that a search of carried possessions is undertaken by authorized security staff.

Patrons should note that their movements within Bluebet Stadium may be subject to monitoring by closed circuit television and recording via commercial audio and visual. Along with possible body worn video recording by security personnel.

Patrons enter and bring personal items into Bluebet Stadium at their own risk. Bluebet Stadium will not be held responsible for any theft of, loss of, or damages to a person or personal property. It must be noted that patrons are at risk of being struck by a ball whilst viewing sporting events at Bluebet Stadium.

Any patron found throwing articles, gaining unauthorized entry into the field of play, using offensive and/or threatening language or ignoring the directions of authorized venue staff will be evicted from the venue and may be liable for prosecution.

Any patron found vandalising or damaging any infrastructure at Bluebet Stadium will be arrested and liable for damages.

The storage of any personal matters or equipment in the aisles or thoroughfares, or sitting in these areas is strictly prohibited.

The leaning over or climbing on handrails, balustrades or balconies is strictly prohibited.

A non-smoking/ non-vaping policy is in place for all seated areas, including grandstands, terraces, hills, thoroughfares and concourse areas or within 5m of all entrances to buildings, or concessions. Patrons may only smoke or vape in the designated areas. Bins are provided in all designated areas to extinguish cigarettes.

There are 2 ATM’s in the venue – West & South of the venue, located near bars in both locations.

There are NO public telephones within the stadium.

Restricted / Prohibited Items

For the safety and enjoyment of all patrons, the following items are not permitted in Bluebet Stadium

  • Illicit drugs, illegal substances, cans, glass or breakable containers
  • Spray cans or compressed canisters
  • Megaphones, loudhailers, whistles or loud musical instruments NOT authorised by the club
  • Flares, fireworks, laser pointers
  • Knives, dangerous weapons, smoke bombs or any other items management should deem as dangerous or of public nuisance
  • Recording or photographic devices (for commercial use)
  • Any goods or items for sale
  • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, skates or rollerblades
  • Any animals except guiding, hearing or certified companion animals
  • Any political, religious, race-related or offensively worded or graphics materials on clothing, banners, flags or logos.
  • Football team or supporter flags under 1mx1m are permitted in the seated grandstand and terrace areas. Flags larger than this size or with handles exceeding 1.6m must be confined to the top of the north hill area as instructed by authorised staff but must receive prior approval prior to game day through the Venue Operation team. Metal poles will be only be accepted within banners on Westfund Family Hill. Flags, banners or structures must not impede the view of other spectators, cover sponsorship signage or impede in front of the stadium big screens within the venue.
  • Strollers and prams are not permitted within the seated areas at the stadium. They must not be left in through fares or concourses and should be confined to open grassed areas. There are no cloak room facilities available within the Stadium.
  • Umbrellas may be bought into the stadium but for the comfort of others should not be raised so as to obstruct the views of patrons in seated areas or concourses at any time. 

Pitch Invasion

  • Field access is not permitted by any members, fan or guest to the venue. If you do not have an accreditation for field access you are not permitted inside the field fence line. If you are found to be in breach of this, you may be fined up to $5,500 and banned from the venue in line with the Sports Venues (Invasion) Act 2003 (NSW).

Photo/Film Consent and Release

All patrons to BlueBet Stadium consent to Photo/Film Consent and Release without expectation of compensation or other remuneration, now or in the future, all patrons give consent to Penrith Panthers, its affiliates and broadcasters, to use my image and likeness and/or any interview statements from me in its publications, advertising or other media activities.

Acknowledgement of Country

Penrith Panthers players and staff respect and honour the traditional custodians of the land and pay our respects to their elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the lands we meet, gather and play on.