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Stat Attack: Panthers v Dragons

The Panthers showed plenty of resilience to come from behind and record a four-point victory over the Dragons at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium on Friday.

The Panthers made good ground with ball-in-hand as nine Panthers ran more than 100 metres while Isaah Yeo and Api Koroisau got through the most work in defence.

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See the stats that mattered below:

Most Tackles

Isaah Yeo: 42
Api Koroisau: 40
James Fisher-Harris: 29
James Tamou: 27 (0 missed tackles)
Liam Martin: 24


Josh Mansour: 236m (21 runs)
James Fisher-Harris: 204m (19 runs)
Caleb Aekins: 194m (19 runs)
Zane Tetevano: 175m (14 runs)
Brian To’o: 144m (13 runs)
James Tamou: 132m (11 runs)
Isaah Yeo: 116m (13 runs)
Moses Leota: 104m (10 runs)
Liam Martin: 101m (8 runs)

Match Highlights: Panthers v Dragons


Josh Mansour: 65m
James Fisher-Harris: 59m
Brian To’o: 57m
Zane Tetevano: 47m
Caleb Aekins: 43m
James Tamou: 43m


Dean Whare: 2
Josh Mansour: 2
Isaah Yeo: 2

OAK Plus Post Game: Josh Mansour


Jarome Luai: 1
Viliame Kikau: 1
Josh Mansour: 1
Nathan Cleary: 1
Apisai Koroisau: 1
Stephen Crichton: 1


Josh Mansour: 7
Nathan Cleary: 3
Stephen Crichton: 3

Press Conference: Panthers v Dragons

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Josh Mansour: 1
Nathan Cleary: 1
Liam Martin: 1


Nathan Cleary: 6 from 6


Run Metres - Panthers: 2,038m | Dragons: 1,688m  
Possession - Panthers: 56% | Dragons: 44%
Completed Sets - Panthers: 30/37 | Dragons: 29/35
Completion Rate – Panthers: 81% | Dragons: 83%
Tackle Breaks - Panthers: 26 | Dragons: 35
Tackles – Panthers: 299 | Dragons: 352
Tackle Efficiency: Panthers 87.7% | Dragons: 89.3%