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Italian head coach Cameron Ciraldo has named Panthers ISP premiership winner Mason Cerruto on the wing for the Azzuri's World Cup opener against Ireland in Cairns.

Ciraldo has included ten players with NRL experience including key players James Tedesco, Paul Vaughan, Daniel Alvaro, Mark Minichiello, Nathan Brown and Terry Campese.

Italy v Ireland
Barlow Park, Cairns, 2pm Sunday (3pm AEDT)


1. James Tedesco
2. Mason Cerruto
3. Justin Castellaro
4. Nathan Milone
5. Josh Mantellato
6. Terry Campese
7. Jack Johns
8. Paul Vaughan
9. Ryan Ghietti
10. Daniel Alvaro
11. Joel Riethmuller
12. Mark Minichiello (C)
13. Nathan Brown


14. Colin Wilkie
15. Brendan Santi
16. Shannon Wakeman
17. Jayden Walker
18. Christophe Calegri
19. Christopher Centrone
20. Joe Tramontana
21. Gavin Hiscox

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