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Panthers Complete League is a revolutionary coaching aid and junior rugby league resource. It is a whole-of-club platform for coaches, players, parents, volunteers, club officials and more.

It is simple for Apple and Android mobile users to download Panthers Complete League.

Google Play: Download here        

iTunes: Download here

Panthers Complete League provides a range of benefits for the local club and the game including: 

  • Provides best practice coach and player skills, drills and plays for all levels of the game helping coach and player development and enjoyment which helps retain coaches in the club
  • Allows the coach to communicate with players and assisting coaches or parents via a one or two-way messaging
  • Messaging allows the coach to attach skills video to the message so the player can view skills before training
  • Provides practical support for the volunteers which has positive effects on players and parents and therefore the club, helping retain coaches and players
  • Provides practical, first time ever, support for Lead Club coaches to mentor and support their volunteer coaches
  • Club Newsfeed is individual to the club and keeps everyone in the club up to date with information
  • Helps the club financially - allows the local club to use the platform to fund raise for their local club
  • Helps develop supporters - allows the local club to enhance their own supporter base
  • Provides a pathway for school students/participants, and their parents, to get involved with their local club