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Panthers fullback Matt Moylan took over the club's Twitter account. Here's what happened next:

@Ryanroxs01: @PenrithPanthers favourite sport besides NRL? #AskAPanther
Moyza: i watch a few would be nba, nfl and a bit of baseball

@JarrahMiller: Hey Matt, how are you dealing with the emotional side of your recovery? #pantherpride #AskAPanther
Moyza: dealing with it all good just focused on getting back out there

@ccleary_: Moyzaa! When you thought about buying a house, was there any two ways about Blacktown/Penrith? Why that region in particular? #AskaPanther
Moyza: grew up around blacktown and still close to training

@Jamesharris0893: #AskAPanther Matt what's your goals to achieve in the nrl and what is your favourite part of playing nrl?
Moyza: to be the best player i can be and obviously to win

@Shunter86: @PenrithPanthers How are the fingers Moyza? #AskAPanther
Moyza: they’re all good now that i have had time off with the ankle

@madalene_fisher: What is a skill you’d like to learn? @PenrithPanthers #AskAPanther
Moyza: to be able to play the guitar

@pritamsingh213: #AskAPanther do you prefer playing 5/8 or fullback?
Moyza: fullback for now it has been a while since i have played in the halves

@FastAshFurious: @PenrithPanthers #AskAPanther what's your favourite stadium to play at other than pepper?
Moyza: either suncorp or melbourne

@ThigeeP: @PenrithPanthers @matt_moylan If you weren't a Footy player, what job would you love to do?#AskAPanther
Moyza: probably another sport, something like golf or basketball I’m no good at either but

@disco76dave: First of all, you're a champion already Matt. I love the way you play. My question you see yourself as a future 5/8? #AskAPanther
Moyza: i haven't thought about it. Just been enjoying playing fullback for now

@Haileybowen03: #AskAPanther what inspired you to play football and how old were you when you started matt Moylan?
Moyza: my dad got me into footy when i was 4 and have played ever since

@Campbo_1990: Is there any possibility of a return this year, and if so what round are you aiming for? @PenrithPanthers #AskAPanther
Moyza: yeh there is a chance just have to see how it responds to training. Aiming for round 24

@georgiethomo: #AskAPanther if all goes well with your recovery, hows origin 2016 looking for you as fullback?
Moyza: it would be a dream come true

@sportnewsum1982: @PenrithPanthers How do you cope with isolation and frustration of rehab? Hope you get fit soon, you're destined for rep footy! #AskAPanther
Moyza: there is a few of us in rehab at the moment so it’s not as bad

@tim_manunited: How does it feel knowing that greats such as Andrew Johns rate you so highly? #AskAPanther
Moyza: it's humbling, i looked up to him when i was a young player growing up

@ElizaMayV: @PenrithPanthers origin jersey or Australian Jersey if you had to pick one? #AskAPanther
Moyza: i dont think i could choose between them

@dave_crellin: @PenrithPanthers #askapanther what's your best home cooked meal and best place to eat out?
Moyza: im not much of a cook so i would say just a bbq and @ossosteaknribs if i eat out

@npapenhuyzen: Hey Moyzaa, still have any involvement in touch footy? #AskaPanther
Moyza: i played at the end of last year but i don’t have much to do with it other than that

@Hannahjustinbae: Hey matt how's the injury going? Hope to see you back on the field soon! x #pantherpride #AskAPanther
Moyza: it’s coming along as planned, just want to get back out there and play

@ttttatiana: favourite game you've played so far this year? #AskAPanther
Moyza: i would have to say the anzac game, because of the meaning behind it

@NRLpicks: @PenrithPanthers #AskAPanther red or green frogs? What's your fav?
Moyza: red

@2005Collins: #AskAPanther how was your time in the nsw camp ? Can't wait too see you rip it up in the sky blue
Moyza: was an awesome experience. would be an honour to represent nsw

@ccleary_: Best and worst carpool to cruise with? #AskaPanther @PenrithPanthers
Moyza: when i couldn’t drive i was carpooling with @gjennings4 and rob jennings so they would be the best carpool

@TheEroticGamer: @PenrithPanthers were you nervous here (kicking the sideline conversion to win against the Bulldogs)? You made it look like it was for nothing haha. #Composure #AskAPanther
Moyza: nah wasn’t nervous at all. was actually pretty confident that i would kick it

@PantherDuff: @PenrithPanthers #AskAPanther What's the biggest challenge you have faced as a professional footballer?
Moyza: would have to be overcoming injuries. i have had a few surgeries

@wwpenrith: @PenrithPanthers What is your favourite local newspaper? #askapanther
Moyza: @PenrithPress for sure haha

@Brownlow69: @PenrithPanthers #AskAPanther who is your favourite Panthers player from the past
Moyza: craig gower or brandy

@mattyb237: @PenrithPanthers #AskAPanther Matty has your experience in touch footy esp in attacking plays helped you with how you attack NRL defences?
Moyza: yeh i think so, the skills are pretty similar in both games

@ElizaMayV: @PenrithPanthers #AskAPanther what junior club did you play for?
Moyza: i played most my juniors at st pats and a few years at st clair

Ben Micallef asks on Facebook: Which player did you look up to when you were younger and did you try and base your game around their style?
Moyza: i looked up to andrew johns, scott prince and darren lockyer

@Duggydroid: What's your NBA team / fav player? #AskAPanther
Moyza: favourite player is kyrie irving and cavs

@DeeJAY_SKUXX: @PenrithPanthers #AskAPanther How long are you expecting to play @NRL for
Moyza: as long as possible

@JamColley: @PenrithPanthers who is the largest team mate you could benchpress?
Moyza: probably @ApiKoroisau

@KiSoKySi: what is bigger? @Josh_Mansour's ego or his biceps? #AskAPanther @PenrithPanthers
Moyza: biceps for sure!

Scott Boland asks on Facebook: How good is it to play alongside Nigel Plum – a champion bloke on and off the field?
Moyza: real good to play alongside him. top bloke! and i wouldnt want to run into him

Acknowledgement of Country

Penrith Panthers players and staff respect and honour the traditional custodians of the land and pay our respects to their elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on the lands we meet, gather and play on.