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Congratulations to Rhonda Sookee - Dallin picked out your question as his #AskAPanther favourite. We'll be in touch to arrange your signed Panthers footy!

#AskAPanther with Dallin Watene-Zelezniak

Elizabeth Veasey: What is your favourite memory growing up and your favourite memory of playing first grade?

Dallin: favourite memory is playing with my mates, favourite memory of playing 1st grade would defs be my debut last year :)

Adam Duffey @PantherDuff: which person has had the biggest impact on your career?

Dallin: there is more than one person! my family has a massive impact for me :)

Sam Harkness @SammiHaka: Have you played as yourself in Rugby League Live 2? If so do you play yourself at FB over the @matt_moylan?

Dallin: yeah haha but i put myself in the front row so i have the ball more haha :)

Steven Magill @StevenMagill: during state of origin which side does DWZ go for?

Dallin: THE BLUESSSSSS! haha :)

Laura Fitzpatrick @SelvaggioStud: Dallin, what is your individual and team favourite moments from your career so far?

Dallin: definitely last years final series even though we didnt make the big one it was awesome to experience a final series :)

Jason Vella asks: Growing up who was your hero/favourite player?

Dallin: will hopoate and greg inglis!! :)

Nicko Walczak asks: Do you think we can still make the top 8 this year?

Dallin: 100% i thnk we can!!

Mirna Karam asks: Do you enjoy playing fullback and how hard is it filling in for Matty Moylan?

Dallin: yeah its tough really tough! hes an awesome player and im just trying my best for the team!! :)

Nathan Friend asks: Which NRL player is your wingman when you go out? Who is the best dancer in the team?

Dallin: never been out before so i cant answer that haha but the best dancer around training is rob jennings! :)

Ryan Shahoud asks: Will you make Brendan Ross chicken schnitzel sandwiches to pay him back for the ones you ate at school?

Dallin: hahaha shahouddy yeah of course!! Haha

Chris Thompsom asks: Would you like to be a one-club player?

Dallin: yeah i would love to be :)

John Ford asks: What is your advice for youngsters aspiring to play NRL?

Dallin: to never forget where you come from, how you got there and most importantly the people who are helping or helped you get there :)

Cheryl Brown asks: What would you be doing for work if you weren't playing rugby league?

Dallin: easy haha playstation player haha :)

Grahame Warren asks: What do you write on your wrist band?

Dallin: things will motivate me at times when im fatigued and little goals:)

Maarten van Valen asks: What food would you love to indulge in but can't?

Dallin: well i love KFC so if it’s a cheat meal it’s that :)

Andrew Whiteman asks: How does it feel knowing stacks of fans and commentators alike are too silly to say your name correctly?

Dallin: hahaha well no one’s ever been able to say it properly so it doesn’t bother me haha :)

Lee Goldsmith asks: With a name like that, what is your nickname?

Dallin: well a lot of people just call me dal :) at school people called my brothers and i alphabet hahaha

Andrew Keir asks: Will you go back to grassroots footy where you started and coach a junior side?

Dallin: yes definitely every chance i get im trying to go down and be around the club especially my club back in nz college old boys!! :) #COB

Rhonda Sookee asks: You are a great player! How would it be to have your brother Malakai playing in the same team as you?

Dallin: that’s always been a goal of mine :) and if or when it happens it’ll be definitely the best memory by far I’ll have in playing rugby league!:)

Lee Amodeo asks: As a fellow Waikato'ite, did you enjoy growing up in the Tron?

Dallin: 100% yes i love waikato it has a big part in my life! and always will! :)

Steve Brooks asks: What's it feel like week after week pulling on that Panthers jersey? Has to be best job in the world!

Dallin: it’s always a privilege! i love it and always will! :) and yeah ill never take it for granted it is :)

Michael Scott Harwood asks: What do you love most about playing for Penrith?

Dallin: the best thing is playing with my mates i grew up playing with and being able to make my family proud!! :)

Amy Murphy @ChickoOnARoll: If you took a break from footy for a year what would you do?

Dallin: haha probably pursue a career on the playstation haha :)

Matt Hawkins @Nitromens: How did Mr Chidgey mould you into the player and person you are today?

Dallin: hahaha he taught many things!!! :) haha

Hamed Khatiz @seventysyndrome: How does a young player go about getting his head around the depth and history of some of the rivalries Penrith Panthers have?

Dallin: we've seen the rivalries growing up so you know when you get to play yourself and the week leading up to the game:)

Big League @bigleaguemag: Hi DWZ, what is your favourite rugby league magazine?

Dallin: hahahaha rugby league week ;P nah i love all rugby league magazines equally haha :)

GavWav @GavWav: What was your favourite thing to get at St Doms canteen? Cheese and bacon rolls were big.

Dallin: haha no way, from the new canteen they got it was gourmet chicken burgers!!! haha :)

Couch Halfback @CouchHalfback: Did you play anywhere other than wing/fullback growing up?

Dallin: yeah i used to play centre growing up! :) but a lot has changed in that position now :)