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Panthers On The Prowl

The Panthers on the Prowl Community Development Foundation continues to gather momentum in its aim to give something vitally important back to families and young people within Penrith and surrounding areas.

The goal of Panthers on the Prowl is to make a difference to the wellbeing of young people in the communities in which we live.

The Prowl's schools program, which has been active since 2002, has had a significant impact on over 250 young people and their families.

As well as this important individual gain, it has proved that communities and agencies working together can produce mutually beneficial outcomes for everyone.

Since being launch in 2002, the Prowl has expanded its programs and personnel to encompass seven different initiatives in local communities.

With a continued high level of support from Panthers, both Federal and State Government, and the generosity of our corporate partners, the Prowl is a development service model.

The social coalition which evolved during the initial primary class intervention model has encouraged this process. The building of social capital is at the centre of the Prowl's enterprise.

The Prowl believes that social capital is the strength and quality of the social connections within our community.

All of the Prowl's programs are monitored and evaluated by partners at University of Western Sydney and it is these evaluations that continue to drive and improve the programs.

To visit the Panthers on the Prowl website please click here.


Primary Program

Two programs are available to DEC Schools. Both are aimed at building self-esteem, socials skills, resilience, leadership and to help the improve student engagement and motivation.  

These programs are a partnership between the Department of Education (Western Sydney Region) and the Panthers on the Prowl Community Development Foundation. The Primary Programs involve schools in the Penrith Valley.

The Stage 3 Program runs four afternoons per week for a whole term. Groups are comprised of 10 Year 5-6 students who focus on personal development, values education, science, technology & creative arts. Students can be drawn from multiple schools to form this group.

The Stage 2 Program runs four mornings per week for 3 weeks. Groups are comprised 10 Year 3-4 students who focus on personal development, values education and technology. All 10 students in the group must come from the one school due to transportation restrictions. 

How can participants access the program?

Schools access the programs by submitting applications for students to the Principal of Cambridge Gardens PS. Selection panel meetings take place at the end of term three for the following year. Nomination forms are available from Principal, Adam Wynn at Cambridge Gardens Public School. (02) 4730 1201

For more information contact Lawrence – (02) 4725 6478 or Cambridge Gardens Public School - (02) 4730 1201.


Secondary Program

Panthers on the Prowl provides a program to help mentor Year 10 and 11 students and to broaden their awareness of different careers and career paths.

The program is generously sponsored by our supporting partners, the Department of Social Security and The Pepper Finance Group.

Students benefitting from the program have come from the following schools:

Cranebrook High School, Jamison High School, Kingswood High School, Cambridge Park High School, Glenmore Park High School, Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School & St Marys Senior High School.

How can participants access the program?

Schools access the program by contacting our Secondary Teacher, Graham Collins on (02) 4725 6434.


OAK Healthy Active Lifestyles

A program targeted primarily at primary age students designed to improve diet, nutrition and physical fitness levels through regular exercise. This program also provides professional development and in-service support for teachers involved in the program at each school visited.

The program is generously sponsored by one of our supporting partners OAK Parmalat.

The team assists schools to implement a targeted healthy lifestyle program. During this program students and staff receive education on anthropometric testing, diet and nutrition. Parents are also invited to a session with a Dietician and a Panthers player to discuss special aspects of physical training and diet. Testing for improvement in physical fitness occurs at the end of the term with very impressive results.

A free resource pack is provided to the school at the conclusion of the program.

How can participants access the program?

Schools request access to the program through the General Manager of Panthers on the Prowl, Brad Waugh (02) 4725 6420 or our qualified Physical Education Teacher, Darren Horgan (02) 4725 6421.

The program targets and visits 10 schools per year (1500 students).


Adult Computer Literacy                  

The program is aimed at adults in the community who would like to develop their computer skills. The lessons are aimed at the beginner level with the goal of building skills and confidence.

Classes run for 2 hours weekly for 20 weeks and are held in the Panthers on the Prowl classroom, Station Street, Penrith. There is no cost to attend.

There are 3 different classes held every  Wednesday

9:30am - 11:30am 

12:00 - 2:00pm

7pm - 9pm.

The program is generously sponsored by our supporting partners, the Department of Social Security and The Pepper Finance Group.

How can participants access the program?

 If you would like to register your interest in attending the classes, please call (02)47256420