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2021 Panthers Juniors Rule Book

Panthers Juniors is pleased to introduce the Panthers Juniors Rugby League policies and procedures manual for the 2021 season.


The manual has been developed through consultation between the NSWRL, the Penrith Referees Association, the District Club and Junior Clubs that are affiliated with the Penrith and Districts Junior Rugby League Association.

The manual is not intended for over-regulation of our game, instead we envisage that its implementation will bring consistency with regard to how the game is administered and played.

Our hope is that with consistency around rules and regulations, there will be a more even playing field from one competition to the next, and this consistency will bring stability to our game.

The manual will be a ‘live’ document. It will see additions and changes as the seasons pass, when new policies and procedures are introduced or existing ones are amended.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all that had a hand in the production of the Panthers Juniors Rugby League Policies & Procedures Manual, and I look forward to seeing its continued development.

Nathan Mairleitner
General Manager - Junior League